Vehicle transport

Travel with peace of mind

VEHICLE CONVOYAGE gives you peace of mind, with your vehicle at your disposal at the end of your journey.


  1. When you prepare your journey, you inform your accommodation providers of the departure and arrival points you have chosen for your vehicle transfer.
  2. We transport your vehicle from your point of departure to your point of arrival
  3. Your vehicle is insured by us through our insurer
  4. Leave your keys and documents at your departure point
  5. We drive your vehicle to your arrival point
  6. We agree where and to whom we hand over your vehicle, keys and documents.

How does it work?

1) Download and print three copies of the mission order (transfer mandate)

  • Copy to be sent with payment
  • Copy to be placed in the envelope entrusted to the departing accommodation provider
  • Copy to be kept by you

2) Make sure :

  1. Refueling and battery charging an electric vehicle
  2. Keep up to date with all your inspections and technical checks

In case of need (breakdowns) we reserve the right to activate your assistance contract.

On the back of the order form, please indicate any special features of your vehicle (starting code, etc.).

3) Prepare an envelope

Which you will entrust to your departing host, in which :

  • include a copy of the mission order, the keys, the vehicle registration document, the insurance certificate, and the telephone number of your Assistance team.
  • please write on the envelope :
    1. transport LES VALISES DE ST JACQUES (vsj)
    2. Your name
    3. Your cell phone number
    4. Where to park your vehicle

4) We do the rest:

  • We will drop off your vehicle at the agreed location
  • We will deposit keys and documents to your accommodation provider on arrival

If you'd like to set off as soon as you arrive at your vehicle, and don't have a gîte where your vehicle is, we'll drop off your keys and documents at your gîte on the previous day, which you'll need to let us know in advance.

Download your transfer mandate